Spiral galaxy – NGC 3628

NGC 3628 is a spiral galaxy known as the Hamburger Galaxy or the Sarah Galaxy. It is about 35 million light years away from our Earth. It is located in the constellation Leo, where it forms a small group of galaxies with galaxies M65 and M66 (Leo Triplet). The galaxy was discovered by William Herschel in 1784.

Telescope ASA 10″ F/3.6 10N ASTROGRAPH OTA
Focal length 900 mm
Mount DDM 85
Imaging camera Atik 460EX mono
Guiding cameras  –
Guiding optics  –
Focal reducers ASA 3″ Wynne Corrector 0,85x
Constellations Draco
Distance 35 million light years
RA center 11h 20′ 17″
DEC center +13°35′ 23″
Location taken Slovakia
Date taken 04/2022
Pixel scale 1.04 arcsec/pixel
Filters Astrodon LRGB,
Exposure 241×90 s. L filter                                                46×90 s. R filter
46×90 s. G filter
46×90 s. B filter
Total exposure cca.9,5 hours
Processing software PixInsight, CCD Inspector

The galaxy NGC 3628 was captured using Astrodon LRGB filters. Short exposure times were used to avoid star saturation and for better detail.