I have been involved in astrophotography since 2010 and I still enjoy capturing deep space to this day.


My photos are taken from a small private observatory in Slovakia (Northern Hemisphere).


I have used various astrophotographic technical equipment that allowed me to improve step by step. You can currently see the astro-technology I use in the Equipment section.


One learns throughout one’s life, and this is also true in astrophotography. It is necessary to constantly learn, improve both capturing as well as processing.


My location, Slovakia, does not have optimal conditions for astrophotography. There are only few days a year suitable for astrophotography, so it is necessary to use every clear night. You have to be very patient. It takes endless hours of taking images and then the scanned data must be carefully processed.


You can see the result of my efforts on this website.


In my Gallery, you will find galaxies, mysterious nebulae and other cosmic objects that are thousands of light-years away from the Earth.


I also offer the opportunity to order quality prints of deep space in various formats according to your wishes. Please visit the Store section to order.