The Bat part of the Veil Nebula

The Bat Nebula – NGC 6695 is part of the Veil Nebula of a residual supernova in the constellation of the Cyngus. The supernova explosion that created the Veil Nebula occurred 5,000 to 10,000 years ago. It is 2400 light-years from our Earth. The eastern part of this residual supernova is also called the bat nebula.
NGC 6995 was discovered by John Herschel in 1825.

Telescope ASA 10″ F/3.6 10N ASTROGRAPH OTA
Focal length 900 mm
Mount G53f
Imaging camera Atik 460EX mono
Guiding cameras Lodestar X2 -Autoguider
Guiding optics ASA 10″- OAG
Focal reducers ASA 3″ Wynne Corrector 0,85x
Constellations Cygnus
Distance 2400 light years
RA center 20h 56′ 60″
DEC center +31°13′ 00″
Location taken Slovakia
Date taken 09/2020
Pixel scale 1.04 arcsec/pixel
Filters Astronomik Ha 6nm ,
Astrodon OIII 5nm,
Astrodon RGB,
Exposure 61×600 s.  Ha filter
59×1200 s.  OIII filter
160×15 s. R filter
160×15 s. G filter
160×15 s. B filter
Total exposure cca.32 hours
Processing software PixInsight, CCD Inspector

The Bat Nebula – NGC 6995 (BICOLOR) processing object was captured using narrowband filters a Hydrogen-alpha H-α 6nm (656.3 nm) , Oxygen OIII 5nm(500.7 nm) and RGB filters (color stars).
Here you see a few hours of individual images (Ha,OIII). Photos are only gently stretched (CurvesTransformation).
You can see the final product above.