The Great Hercules Cluster – M13

The Great Hercules Cluster (M13) is one of the most prominent globular clusters in the northern sky. More than one amateur astronomer will focus on it as the first object when observing the sky. It can already be observed with small telescopes as a bright cluster of stars, and in larger telescopes we can observe it in its full glory. Contains at least half a million stars! Located in the constellation Hercules, its distance from Earth is approximately 23,000-35,000 light years. Its size is also fascinating, its diameter is 110-165 light years. I took M13 as a test image of the ASI2600mono CMOS camera. I have to admit that she made me very happy.

Telescope ASA 10″ F/3.6 10N ASTROGRAPH OTA
Focal length 900 mm
Mount DDM 85
Imaging camera ASI 2600 mono
Guiding cameras  —
Guiding optics  —
Focal reducers ASA 3″ Wynne Corrector 0,85x
Constellations Hercules
Distance 23 000-35 000 light years
RA center 16h 41′ 41″
DEC center +36°27′ 39″
Location taken Slovakia
Date taken 09/2023
Pixel scale 0.8 arcsec/pixel
Filters Astronomik L,
Astronomik deep sky RGB,
Exposure 25×60 s. L filter
25×60 s. R filter
25×60 s. G filter
25×60 s. B filter
Total exposure approx. 1.7 hours of shooting
Processing software PixInsight, CCD Inspector

The large star cluster in Hercules (M13) was captured using LRGB filters from Astronomik.