The Moon

The moon is the only natural satellite of the Earth, the size of which is about a quarter of the size of our Earth.
The moon orbits the Earth at an average distance of 384,400 km / 148,900 miles.

Telescope ASA 10″ F/3.6 10N ASTROGRAPH OTA
Focal length 900 mm
Mount G53f
Imaging camera Atik 460EX mono
Guiding cameras without
Guiding optics without
Focal reducers ASA 3″ Wynne Corrector 0,85x
Constellations     –
Distance 384,400 km / 148,900 miles from Earth
RA center   –
DEC center  —
Location taken Slovakia
Date taken 02/2017
Pixel scale 1.04 arcsec/pixel
Filters Astronomik Ha 6nm ,
Astrodon OIII 5nm,
Astrodon SII 5nm,
Exposure 200×0.003 sec. Ha filter
200×0.03 sec. OIII filter
200×0,003 sec. SII filter
Total exposure   –
Processing software PixInsight, CCD Inspector

Here you will see less frequent processing using narrowband filters. (Hydrogen-alpha – H-α 6 nm, Sulfur – SII 6 nm, Oxygen – OIII 5 nm)

The photo shows the moon in the color spectrum of the surface. For comparison, the moon in the familiar black and white view from the Earth.
You can see the final product above.